Online Consultation Terms and Conditions

Online Consultation Terms and Conditions


1- Capital Dental Clinic offers an online consultation service through video calls as an option for people who prefer to get to know all possible details about their cases before visiting the clinic.

2- This online consultation service provides all possible details for patients who seeking consultation with almost similar accuracy to consultations inside the clinic, but the final details – which get determined better inside the clinic – might be minorly different than the online consultation.

3- it’s possible to reserve an online consultation without attaching images and x-rays found on the form, but this might affects the consultation quality, so it’s better to attach all possible images and investigations as shown on the reservation form.

4- In case of starting an online consultation and the dentist discovered that He/she needs some images or x-rays or tests and they weren’t attached, the patient can send them after the end of the online consultation, and a clinic representative will show them to the dentists, and the representative will make sure to deliver dentist notes and report to the patient through any possible channel without extra fees.

5- The patient who reserves an online consultation must show up to the video call on time, and if the patient misses his/her appointment the clinic will offer to reschedule one more appointment for free, but if the patient doesn’t show up to the video call again on the second appointment then the consultation will be cancelled and consultation fees won’t be refunded. if the dentist is the one who doesn’t show up on time, the clinic will reschedule the consultation for free.

6- online consultation fees will be deducted from the treatment plan cost when the patient visits the clinic to start the treatment plan.

7- when the patient visits the clinic for the first time to start the agreed treatment plan on online consultation, there will be no more consultation fees, but there might be other fees for 3D scanning if needed.